Thomson Three

This two-bedroom apartment originally had a semi-enclosed kitchen, making the common area look small. Our team took a bold step and broke-down the existing kitchen to create a living room with an open kitchen.

The entire living room is finished with an all-white theme and off-white wallcovering. The focal of the living room is the dining area. We selected a slab of Volakas marble with dramatic Grey veins as the island counter to give the dining area more character.

The master-bedroom and study have a similar minimalist concept. Due to space constraint, the dresser and bedside tables were built-in and can be stowed away to create more walk space. Electrical sockets are concealed beneath the built-in to give the master-bedroom a simple and clean completion.

In the study, mirror panels were used as doors for the wardrobe, this visually enhanced the size of the room. Symmetry, chrome, and Venetian blinds were added to create a sleek touch and perfect the finish.