The Trillium


Home is a place where one can truly enjoy the luxuries of life. To evoke this statement, our team incorporated creativity and sophistication complete with plush finishes and intricate details to complete this project.

We believe the luxury experience begins the moment one walks through the front door. Thus the entire living room adopts a pristine white colour scheme applied on both furniture and finishing. A white colour scheme can feel very cold, therefore we included softer finishes. These come in the form of cushioned wall panels, as well as soft drapery along the living area.

An interesting feature in the living area can be found on the ceiling; our team had customised and installed a light feature of the owner’s name in abstract. The living area had a dynamic city skyline view and to expose as much sunlight as possible, our team had meticulously designed three slim bands to support the TV.

Illuminated open shelves were designed specifically to showcase our homeowner’s collection of limited edition shoes. Impressive both in size and look, the master bedroom comes with a walk-in wardrobe that can easily be mistaken for a luxury boutique.

This project won us the "Silver Award" at the 2014 International Design Awards.