The Topiary


How can interior design accentuate the beauty of paintings without stealing the limelight?

That was our challenge when tasked with the job of designing this home. Our homeowners, being art collectors, needed to showcase their collection of art pieces similar to an art gallery. They also travel often and require space to store their souvenirs, therefore we had to prioritize storage requirements within the spatial restrictions of the apartment.

In order to create both storage units and display spaces, we fabricated the TV feature wall as a full-height storage unit with light-coloured wood panels.

Designed to sit on sliding tracks across the TV feature wall are matte white panels holding artwork that can slide on either sides to reveal an array of custom-built storage compartments. When necessary, the panels can also be used to conceal the TV. This clever design has allowed our homeowners to move their art pieces about and easily, changing the look of their home.