Penthouse @ The Interlace

Nestled in the green belt of Southern Ridges, this project at The Interlace evoke artlessness in modernization. With a sizable area of 3400 square feet, much thoughts went into groundworks like provision of space and the concept approach.

The living hall is panned out at an angle adjacent to the interior wall. With cladding that stretches to the back of the area along with two black recessed nicks on the ceiling, the space is amplified in volume and flair. The wall up kitchen was taken down and rebuilt with glass panels overlooking the living space. White cabinets with drawers lined up the perimeter of the kitchen with an island preparation counter. Functionality and ample storage were also considered for the family’s needs. The end result is a modern distinct kitchen with style and no frills.

The master bedroom is segmented into a rest area and a walk-in closet, with carpeted floor and wallcoverings for a swankish look. We were tasked to create more storage capacity for the walk-in closet. The bedroom is lengthened by creating a divider that allows us to push out the walk-in closet to get more space. Customised compartments on both sides illuminated with vertical light strips are designed with pull-out trays and drawers that resemble a chic fashion boutique.