Teck Whye


The spacious size and flexible floor plan have made HDB Executive Maisonettes a highly sort-after property for homeowners. Our team had the opportunity to transform an outdated maisonette into a contemporary smart home.

The old stairway was replaced with full clear glass panels as railings. This is to maintain as much light, transparency and exposure in areas that are usually dark and accident prone. Underneath the stairway there was generous storage capacity, our design team maximised the storage space and used natural wood laminate throughout the wall to conceal the storage door.

A wooden feature media wall with illuminating backlight was added to create a warm touch to the subtle atmosphere in the living room area. This HDB Executive Maisonette is also automated to function as a smart home to save, energy, time and cost. Some examples include air-con temperature control during the wee hours, automatic water heater function, motorized curtains/blinds and many other features.