Tampines St 71


This is a 4 room HDB apartment that is set on a modern minimalist concept. What was an old and cluttered house now breathes a new lease of life.

We wanted to create a minimal and modern look, yet sophisticated in the details. A mixture of black and white tones with geometrical design were largely used in the walls panels as well as the ceiling. With storage hidden behind the wall panels, the space look uncluttered and a size bigger than before.

Space was one of the main consideration when we were planning the layout. We took down the wall in the yard and widened the kitchen entrance opening to expand and increase the efficiency of the area. This also allow ample natural light to flow into the house.

Wooden furniture were deliberately used against the monochrome setting of the house. The art pieces, lightings and accessories were curated and meticulously placed to give the space a sense of home.