St. Patrick Residences


This three-bedroom condominium apartment came with a challenge. The previous living room was too small to accommodate a dining room and could only hold a television set and a sofa. For this rare project, the company directors co-worked together to develop a solution.

We started by merging the living room with the adjoining balcony and extending the ceiling across to the balcony creating a larger common area. The dining area now sits in the refurbished balcony walled up with sliding louvre doors. A monolithic black column next to the television wall designed with mosaic tiles started out as a simple Feng Shui requirement and evolved into a design element.

The kitchen cabinets were uninstalled and the floor plan was redesigned due to its non-functional layout. Our team chose cream as the base colour against the brown glass. To complete the kitchen, black granite with gold specks were used as the kitchen countertop.

In the study room, we incorporated the bay window into the design. A custom-designed marble top table sits in the centre of the room and stretches down, giving the room a streamlined look.