SkyTerrace at Dawson


A married couple wanted a modern Victorian home that would be guest-friendly and spacious without too much over-crowding. To build the perfect home, our team designed the layout and floor plan with a clean-cut neutral backdrop to complement the beauty of the Victorian decor.

Our team noted down each of our homeowners’ requests, including an unconventional living and dining setting. Our home-owners did not want the conventional living room arrangement where the sofa is facing the TV. They entertain on a regular basis, therefore, a larger dining space was preferred.

Hence our team designed a custom-built bench and upholstered it in high-sheen velvet. The Victorian setting is completed with a chandelier and wallpaper sporting metallic-coloured motifs. The outcome is a 10-seater dining table facing the TV while a Green Chesterfield sofa is used to complement a Victorian painting in the living area.

Merging a common room with the master room allowed our team to accommodate a walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. Design consistency is established with the white wall moulding, high-sheen fabric and quilted buttons

With ample room for display and storage, the walk-in wardrobe is a fashionista’s dream come true. The combination of full-length mirrors and neat organised cabinets add a modern touch to the Victorian appeal. An island unit with a glass showcase was built to keep the owner’s collection of watches and jewellery tidy and easily accessible.