Senja Road


This project was not designed based on any concept or particular style, it was more of a personality and lifestyle statement of the homeowners.This HDB resale unit is more than 10 years old and in need of a facelift. We decided to replace all the floor and wall tiles in the living, kitchen and bathrooms and re-plaster the entire house.

Touches of Scandinavian, contemporary and industrial references ran through the design and furniture selections. Neutral palettes were widely used across the whole house. Also to add warmth to the place, wooden furniture and flooring were selected to go with the neutral colours that had been chosen.

The study room was built to overlook the living and dining area; our home-owner had placed much emphasis into this area as a lot of time is spent here by the family. It was important to be able to oversee beyond the study room into the other common areas. Our team had decided to knock down half the existing wall on both sides and add glass panels to open up the space to create more visibility between these areas.

For the kitchen, we used light rustic oak against a white contrast on the concrete wall. The long drawers gave the kitchen a sleek look, while a tall cabinet is added to the sink counter which proves to be ideal for tidbits, canned food and, dried items. This became a very functional storage space in the kitchen.