Leedon Residence


Inspired by clean lines, functionality and, minimalism, the modern interior design has been the luxury our home-owners have been desiring to achieve. With this in mind, our team decided to explore with shapes and dimension to bring this dream home to reality.

The entire house is covered in wall-coverings using different textures and motifs, while a solid 3-D feature wall serves as a backdrop to the living room. The 3-D feature wall had been painstakingly carved out, texture and LED lights have been manually added to create more dimension, making it one of it’s kind.

With a custom built ceiling-to-floor shelving unit, our home-owners are able to store books, dinnerware and other household items close to the dining table. By adding mirrors to the back wall of the display shelves, we have been able to reflect light and create more dimension. We have installed chengai wood decks on the balcony and positioned a patio dining set for skyline dinners on special occasions.

Both the children’s rooms also adopt a contemporary, minimalist design inspired by clean lines. The colours blue and purple are used in the head-boards and furniture as these are the favourite colours of both children.