Harbourlights - Keppel Bay


To many, a grey colour scheme for home interior is considered one of the safest theme. Truth be told, it’s not the easiest colour to pull off, when one envisions something quite dramatic.

The team wastes no time in making an impact with the living room. A charcoal grey colour sweeps across the wall on one side of the room and is accentuated by cove lighting, creating a sense of depth. The furniture and the sofa follow suit with the colour, while red soft furnishings like a rug or a throw-over are used to create intrigue to the eye.

Adding glamour to the common area is a curved bar counter that sits next to the living room. A band of LED light is wrapped around the counter to bring grandeur to the bar for special occasions. This multi-purpose space can be used as a typical serving bar or even a breakfast counter for quick meals.

The apartment may have a narrow kitchen, but our team made the most of it with a gallery kitchen. There is ample preparation space on both sides of the kitchen and to keep things consistent.

The same colour scheme was also adopted into the bathrooms. Attention to detail were emphasized on the walls, using a grey stonewall, black mosaic tiled wall and white carvings. Large mirrors were used to visually stimulate more space in the bathrooms and there is ample storage in the units below the large sinks, to maximise storing toiletries and bath essentials.