Flamingo Valley


The home in Flamingo Valley had been designed with minimalist intent. Our team kept the space free-flowing, and carefully selected furnishings with contemporary details to pull off our homeowners’ interest and preference.

Geometric lines are used to visually extend the space in the living room, storage cabinets are connected to the ceiling to create the illusion of length and height. To take advantage of the generous passing of daylight, our team opted to use white acrylic doors for the cabinets and coated glass panels by the dining area, this will allow light to bounce around the space. The walls were painted light grey and only minimal wood tones were used for detailing.The team also combined cove lights and pin lights to create a cosy mood.

The master bedroom was combined with a second room to make way for an adjoining walk-in closet. We used an open concept for the wardrobe exposing the apparels for easier closet management.