Costa Rhu


Our home-owners loved the charm of Balinese resorts so much, they decided to bring it back home. Tucked away on the outskirts of Singapore CBD in Costa Rhu condominium, sits this calm and peaceful abode.

Balinese themed interior design is popular among many Singaporean home owners, it is easy to maintain and perfect for the humidity in Singapore. To achieve a Balinese themed home, our designers had to bring an open concept patterned on nature and environment into an indoor living space.

With large windows and an airy space we were able to achieve this by bouncing sunlight off the walls. Eco-friendly materials were used in the finishes, walls, floors and decors. We also used a combination of different materials such as teak and bamboo, stones, clay, and cement-screed to create the texture of the great outdoors.

Colours are often used to represent culture and character in Balinese interior design. Yellow, orange or striking red shades are notable in motifs and sculptures in the home decor. We used dark-stained wood on the flooring and furniture, and added textured rugs and mats to accentuate details and draw attention to the eye. To add the final touches, our designer positioned indoor plants and flowerpots to create a tranquil and 'resort-feel' living space.