Choa Chu Kang Ave 4

With 1300 square feet of space, this resale flat at Choa Chu Kang has masses of room to work with. The design approach to this house is centered on two focal point: sense and space. We wanted to create a homey sanctuary that one can truly embrace the beauty of life.

The living area has a good capacity, but it was lacking in brightness. The kitchen and balcony walls were hacked and remodelled for natural light to flow in. The kitchen is designed with a breakfast counter across the face of the living area. Being a coffee enthusiast, the counter provides the perfect setup for brewing a cup of gourmet coffee. The old balcony now becomes part of an extended living area. With an enlarged living space and clean white walls, the light oak herringbone flooring breaks up the monotony of the walls, creating contrast in shape and colour. Wooden accent in the form of wall panels, cabinets and furniture was chosen to add a sense of ruralism and simplicity to the tonality of the house.