Balmoral Point


With a young child and a substantial collection of wine, our home-owners needed storage solutions and a manageable home. Keeping our clients needs close to our ideas, our team reconfigured each individual space to serve a specific purpose and provide ample storage while preserving a stylish and sophisticated finish.

The living area was fashioned as a lounge for our home-owners to host and entertain guests, the living room has a bar counter top fitted with a basin and faucet for easy rinsing and cleaning. Since the couple has a large collection of wine, we designed full-height cabinets to house the wine chillers and to also provide plenty of storage space.

When walking into the study area, one may notice an entire side of the wall cladded in steel in-lays and wood panels. These panels not only add to the aesthetics, they also act as a hidden door to the bathroom.

The master bedroom is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. A petite living area with a TV and L-shaped couch providing a private space for our home-owners to cosy up and watch their favourite shows.

One of the wow factor of the house is the master-bedroom bathroom which was the result of combining two bathrooms into one. Despite the narrow elongated shape of this bathroom, we managed to fit in a sauna-style constructed bathtub and a separate shower area while maintaining a natural sense of flow. While the walls are clad in Volakas marble, the shower area boost a feature wall using big slabs of Maple Velvet granite.