Austville Residences


Our team were challenged with limited floor-space and a standard layout of a condominium apartment, so we decided to take a step in a different direction. We employed a clear-cut, monochromatic design focused on layering different textures. This resulted in a cosy abode with a stylish and spacious finish.

As most new condominiums, common areas are usually long and narrow. To open up the space, our designers added white craft-stone cladding panels to traverse from the dining-room to the living-room, creating depth and bringing texture without adding any weight or bulk. Our team added a black marble table on a high-polished white marble-floor to create a sleek and streamlined dining-area.

The master-bedroom may not have the luxury of space, our team however has managed to create a cozy and comfortable room, making our homeowners very happy. The materials and colour palettes are reminiscent to the living-room and common areas. Cement laminates on the bed-head including white craft-stone on the television feature wall are some examples that help create a cooler tone and a more relaxing atmosphere in the master-bedroom.