About Neu Konceptz

Neu Konceptz is an interior design firm established in 2013. Founded by Directors, Jack Chan, John Chan and Gary Wong who were recipients of the International Design Awards; Silver in Interior Design, Residential category 2014. In 2019, their residential project, Jalan Rumah Tinggi - Where Raw Meets Refined, was awarded by Lookbox Design Awards for Outstanding HDB Flat - People's Choice.

Through limitations comes innovation and at Neu Konceptz, we strive on developing unique design solutions for challenging spaces. Whether you are spending quality moments with your family or constructing a professional and conducive space for your growing business, we believe a well-designed space can bring inspiration into everyday life.

We pride ourselves on our craft and attention to details when designing and building interiors that are driven by sustainability, purpose and aesthetics.

Driven by passion, Inspired by design

Jack Chan

Director | Principal Designer

Jack is not afraid to break barriers and take risks. He spent five years in the competitive finance sector but has always felt the calling lay in a more creative and dynamic field. As such, Jack left his job and started a new job as an interior designer in 2009. Over the next five years, Jack developed an aptitude for design and made a reputation through his portfolio; rising through the ranks eventually becoming a design manager.

In 2013, Jack wanted to expand his horizons even further and he decided to set up his own design agency. Together with his business partners, the entrepreneur started Neu Konceptz as an avenue for him to further explore the creative industry and to reach out to fellow-minded homeowners.

In his role as Principal Designer of Neu Konceptz, Jack takes a hands-on approach with each and every project the company handles. One of his first accolades came in 2014 when he was awarded the Silver Award at the International Design Awards with his brother John Chan, for the design of an apartment in the prestigious Trillium condominium.

As one of Singapore’s fastest rising talents, Jack and his team believe in the importance of nurturing young talents and offering them the opportunities to hone their craft. In 2014, Neu Konceptz organised the Youth Interior Design Competition (YIDC), an inter-institution contest that celebrates aspiring designers with the hopes of promoting and growing Singapore’s burgeoning creative industry.

John Chan

Creative Director

Creativity runs in the blood of John Chan. Despite having started on a promising career in a law firm for four years, John felt that his passion is in the creative field. As such, the budding artist took a risk and gave up his office job to nurture his growing interest in the arts and interior design.

John began his career in interior design in 2011, and quickly developed an innate sense for the craft. His expertise lies in both the residential and commercial sectors, having taken on a variety of projects that range from residential apartments to private estates and commercial franchise.

In 2013, John and his partners founded Neu Konceptz with the aim of expanding their limits and reaching out to homeowners and clients with similar passion for design and creativity. In his role as Creative Director of Neu Konceptz, John has led the company to greater heights. He was awarded the Silver Award at the International Design Awards with his brother Jack Chan for their work on an apartment in the prestigious Trillium condominium and was nominated as one of Singapore’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs in 2016.